Minor accident

Is it a minor accident or illness? Then please first contact your family doctor or the cantonal emergency service on 0800 33 66 55.

Life threatening emergency

Is there a life-threatening emergency such as a heart attack or stroke? Then please contact the emergency call center immediately and dial 144.

Important emergency numbers

Emergency call center / rescue service
For life-threatening emergencies
Tox Center
For poisoning
The offered hand
anonymous pastoral care
Cantonal emergency service
For minor accidents and illnesses
0800 33 66 55
Children emergency Pfannenstiel
8-22 h
0900 900 200 (chargeable)
Pediatric Emergency Children's Hospital Zurich
22-8 pm
0900 266 711 (chargeable)

How to find us

Männedorf Hospital Emergency Ward

Asylstrasse 10
8708 Männedorf

Phone +41 44 922 25 30
Fax +41 44 922 25 33
E-mail notfall@spitalmaennedorf.ch

The way to the Emergency Department is signposted. Please pay attention to the "Emergency" signposts.

Short-term parking is available around the clock, directly in front of the emergency department entrance.

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Important documents & additional items

If possible, please bring the following documents and additional items directly to us. Medical reports concerning hospitalizations, operations or medical clarifications are also a valuable source of information for us.

  • Official identification (identity card or driver's license)
  • Insurance card (health insurance, accident insurance)
  • Allergy, blood thinning material, pacemaker passport
  • Medication in original package or list of medications taken
  • Patient decree

First aid for accident victims and seriously ill patients, as well as important diagnostic procedures, operations or intensive care measures are guaranteed day and night at our hospital.

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Transfer to another hospital

Should a transfer to another hospital be necessary, we can depend on our in-house rescue service at any time. For urgent cases, the Rega helicopter has a landing pad on our hospital grounds.

Contacts & Info for referring physicians

If you refer patients to the Männedorf Hospital emergency department, you can if you wish contact the doctor on duty directly in advance. We are very grateful to receive any related information such as lists of diagnoses and medications.

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