We offer patients suffering from weight problems, personalized and comprehensive treatments. The specialists at our interdisciplinary centre for obesity, see obesity treatment as a team challenge. If you have been fighting your weight problems alone and unsuccessfully up till now, we can competently accompany and support you for the rest of your ongoing journey. The goal here is for you to regain mobility, performance and well-being.

« Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere at Männedorf Hospital, I recovered quickly after the operation and felt ready for my new life. »

Patricia Stöbi, patient

About us

Obesity is a chronic disease that must be treated. It is important for us to emphasize that you are not personally to blame for your situation! Together we will find a way to significantly reduce your body weight. What is particularly important for us is that you keep the weight off permanently.

In our efforts to get your weight under control, we will rely on a professional network consisting of surgeons, internists, nutritionists, as well as behavioral therapists and diabetologists, amongst others. We work very closely with the University Hospital Zurich and are also part of the Obesity Center in Zurich. Only together will we succeed in effectively countering the disease of obesity.

When is a person considered obese?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), normal and overweight are defined using the body mass index (BMI). The BMI is calculated from the body weight (in kg) divided by the square of the body height (m2). Depending on the BMI, six categories are distinguished.

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BMI categories

< 18
Normal weight
Grade 1
> 40
Grade 3

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