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Everything you need for your hospital stay at a glance. Whether you are admitted to our hospital as an inpatient and stay overnight or whether an outpatient procedure is planned and you leave the hospital on the same day - with our checklists, you are optimally prepared.

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Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD)

The electronic patient dossier (EPD) is a collection of personal documents with information relating to personal health. Via a secure Internet connection, this information can be accessed at any time by the patient as well as the defined healthcare professional. The patient himself determines who may view which documents and when.

All hospitals, including rehabilitation clinics and psychiatric wards, maternity hospitals and nursing homes, are required by law to offer the electronic patient dossier (EPD). Männedorf Hospital is a member of the Axsana community.

  • Aim and purpose of the electronic patient record

    The goal of the EPD is to have a central repository for treatment-relevant medical information, such as:

    • Organ donation / living will (patient)
    • Reports (discharge, consultation, surgery, Spitex, consultation, etc.)
    • X-ray results
    • Medication list
    • Your own personal documents (blood pressure, prescriptions, vaccination card, etc.)

    Since EPD serves the following purposes:

    • Central repository for medical records
    • Patient access to key medical information
    • Rapid availability of information
    • Control access rights at the patient
    • Emergency: Most important information quickly available
  • Do you not yet have an electronic patient record (EPD) or would you like to make mutations in it?

    Patients who wish to open, mutate or close their dossier must contact Axsana directly. Männedorf Hospital has no active role for these tasks.

    To open an EPD, the following requirements must be met:

    • Existing electronic identity(Trust ID or Swiss-ID)
    • At least 18 years old or legal representative with own dossier available
    • Residence in Switzerland
    • AHV identity card
    • Valid contact options (mobile number and active e-mail address )

    Link to Axsana: My electronic patient dossier - XSANA

  • Approval of access rights for your treatment at Männedorf Hospital

    If you wish the doctors treating you or other defined healthcare professionals at Männedorf Hospital to have access to your dossier, please grant us access authorization before your visit. Granting access authorization means that the persons or groups you have authorized can access your electronic patient dossier and view documents available there and download them into our hospital's clinic information system.

    For information on granting access rights, see the Axsana portal or the official information platform on the electronic patient dossier from eHealth Suisse.

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Often, visits are a welcome change for patients.

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Fresh and regional cuisine

In order to provide optimal support for your recovery process, our kitchen team will ensure that you receive a balanced and healthy diet. You can create every day, an individual menu of your choice from our weekly menu plan. We are happy to adapt the dishes to the special requirements of individuals with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, intolerance or religious dietary requirements.

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An illness can suddenly change one's life and cause feelings of insecurity, fear or loneliness. Sometimes all that is needed is support, a sympathetic ear or someone who can provide practical assistance on the way back to everyday life. Patients and their relatives can count on valuable help: Be it through social counseling, hospital chaplaincy or, if indicated, sitting guards.

After your hospital stay, life goes on. We support you in coping independently with everyday life again as quickly as possible.

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