About this illness

What it concerns

The long biceps tendon runs through the shoulder joint. Here it is susceptible to injury in the course of a fall, but also to wear and tear. Its ligament structure can be damaged following an accident, but also by injuries to the rotator cuff. This leads to discomfort during stress, which can be very troublesome.


The biceps tendon can be worn out and thus cause pain. It can also be unstable due to lack of guidance and therefore painful. If the tendon is torn, a remaining stump of the tendon can become trapped.

Symptoms and consequences

Pain originating from the biceps tendon occurs at the front of the shoulder and may radiate into the upper arm. If the biceps tendon is torn, the biceps muscle will sink.

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

The examinations include a detailed physical examination and, if necessary, X-rays or MRI. The findings are then discussed and we develop a treatment concept in conjunction with the patient. This may include conservative measures such as physiotherapy, painkillers or injections, but surgery may also be necessary.


In the case of conservative therapy, we follow the progress of the patient during regular check-ups in the consultation hours. In the case of surgery, we accompany the patient before, during and after the operation and maintain close contact with the physiotherapists in charge.

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