About this disease

What it concerns

Genital warts are nodules in the anus and genital region that slowly increase in size and sometimes extend over a large area. The warts are counted among the sexually transmitted diseases. Transmission usually occurs directly, i.e. through skin contact, for example during sexual intercourse. The occurrence of genital warts can be favored by an HIV infection. Smokers also have a higher incidence of anal genital warts.

Symptoms and consequences

The symptoms of condylomas are palpable nodules in the anus and genital region, itching, bleeding, stool smearing, mucus discharge and inflammation in the anus area. Without therapy, the condylomas can develop into malignant anal ulcers.

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

We examine patients with genital warts proctologically and, if necessary, also gynecologically. It is important to examine the sexual partner as well, as otherwise a ping-pong effect can lead to renewed infection after therapy.


Genital warts can be removed with ointments and suppositories or, in the case of larger warts, with a scalpel or laser. Furthermore, we recommend the clarification of a possible HIV infection. After therapy, we will perform close-meshed follow-up examinations at the beginning and annual examinations in the further course. These are necessary because genital warts can develop into malignant anal tumors.

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