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Nodules in the thyroid gland are very common and mostly benign. This means that in the vast majority of cases it is not a cancer. Nevertheless nodules that are due to thyroid cancer must be detected and treated as early as possible. However, benign changes also occasionally have to be surgically removed, for example if they constrict the trachea due to their size and cause breathing difficulties. In common parlance, this is called a "goiter"; the medical term is "goiter".

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

The interdisciplinary assessment begins with an ultrasound examination of the neck. The size and structure of the thyroid gland and the lymph nodes are determined. Conspicuous nodes are punctured with a fine needle so that the tissue can be finely examined. If necessary, a special functional examination of the thyroid gland (scintigraphy) or a PET/CT examination is performed. Thyroid hormones are measured in the blood. The function of the vocal cord nerve is examined by a specialist before and after surgery.


For small nodules, removal of the affected half of the thyroid may be sufficient. For large nodules or special risk factors, the entire thyroid gland is removed. The operation is performed through an incision in a skin fold in the lower part of the neck, so that the delicate scar is hardly visible after a few months. Nerve monitoring is used to reduce the risk of injury to the laryngeal nerve. To avoid damage to the parathyroid glands, they are made visible during the operation and their blood supply is spared.

Responsible departments

Endocrinology & Diabetology
Visceral Surgery


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