About stopping smoking

What it is about

Most smokers want to quit because they know how unhealthy smoking is. Many serious diseases, such as brain strokes, heart attacks or lung cancer, are caused or promoted by cigarette consumption. So stopping smoking is always worthwhile from a health perspective.


Cigarette smoking causes more deaths in Switzerland each year than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs, traffic accidents, homicides and suicides combined. Smoking-related lung diseases are among the top ten causes of death worldwide. They include chronic obstructive bronchitis with or without emphysema (COPD) and lung cancer. COPD is already the fourth leading cause of death in Europe.

Symptoms and consequences

Many smokers would like to quit, but are afraid of the withdrawal period. In reality, physical withdrawal only lasts four to six weeks and the worst withdrawal symptoms subside after just a few days. The intensity of the symptoms is also usually greatly overestimated by those affected. The fear of withdrawal is usually worse than the withdrawal itself.

What we do for you

Examination and diagnosis

We offer physician-assisted smoking cessation counseling that addresses your individual situation and past experiences. The treatment is usually covered by your health insurance. If necessary, a cost approval is necessary.


In an initial consultation, we clarify your support needs and then jointly determine the strategy for your smoking cessation. Depending on the situation, support is provided with nicotine replacement products or with a medication such as Champix.

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