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What it is about

During the teenage years, girls and boys have many questions about sexuality, contraception and their changing bodies. In the teen consultation, we are there for all concerns. Typical topics are contraceptive methods, love and sexuality, problems with menstruation, body development and a changing body image, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and the HPV vaccination.

What we do for you

Examination and diagnosis

Questions and concerns are discussed. In addition, a physical examination is often not necessary during the first visit. If there are complaints, the examination is carried out individually and according to age. If desired, a trusted person can come along, for example a parent or girlfriend or boyfriend.


We explain to girls the female cycle and how a gynecological examination works. We advise girls and boys on contraception and initiate the appropriate method upon request. We carry out preventive measures such as the HPV vaccination and provide advice on all aspects of sexually transmitted diseases.

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