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Surgery clinic

Surgery clinic

Bariatric Surgery

Asylstrasse 10
8708 Männedorf

Tel. +41 44 922 35 77

Fax +41 44 922 25 05

Those who have so far struggled alone and unsuccessfully against their excess weight will find advice from our specialists at the Obesity Center.

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Certified center of excellence for bariatric surgery

These quality characteristics distinguish a center of excellence:

  • Minimum number of cases: at least 200 bariatric procedures per year
  • Data collection: Seamless and good quality data collection before and after bariatric interventions, as well as evaluation of the data and derived improvement measures.
  • Surgical skills: Several years of experience and high competence of the surgeons
  • Training and continuing education: student teaching and continuing education of residents
  • Continuing education: Regular continuing education of the responsible specialists
  • Research: research activity and publication of scientific articles.

Our team

We work closely with medicine, psychiatry, nutritional counseling, physiotherapy and diabetes counseling. Together with our colleagues at the University Hospital Zurich, we form the Adiposity Center Zurich (AZZ).

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