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Emergency Medicine

Asylstrasse 10
8708 Männedorf

Tel. +41 44 922 25 30

Fax +41 44 922 25 33

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Our team

Our specialists from all departments are reliably present in the hospital and can be involved at any time, ensuring optimal cooperation and a seamless flow of information. Our rescue service works with confidence with various fire departments. Specially trained firefighters immediately respond to cardiac emergencies and provide immediate life-saving measures and support to the rescue services until they arrive.

« A well-coordinated team of medical specialists and emergency nurses is on duty around the clock. »

Ethical standards

Ethical standards are an important part of our emergency concept. Patient autonomy is respected and encouraged to the best possible extent by fully informing patients about their state of health, possible procedures and the goal of therapy and supporting them in their decision-making.

All patients are treated equally in terms of autonomy, care and assistance. The resources available for treatment and care are distributed fairly.