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What it concerns

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint can lead to individuals suffering a great number of restrictions to their everyday lives It is comparable to osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, but with the big difference that the shoulder is not a load-bearing joint. There are different stages of wear and tear. However, the restrictions to everyday life also plays a major role, be it through pain or the limited mobility and quality of life. The most important symptoms are pain and limited mobility of the shoulder.

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

The examinations include a detailed physical examination and, if necessary, X-rays or MRI. The findings are then discussed and we develop a treatment concept in consultation with the patient. This may include conservative measures such as physiotherapy, painkillers or injections, but surgery may also be necessary.


Before surgery is performed, the possibilities of conservative therapy should be exhausted. Depending on the degree of suffering and the restriction to the quality of life, the implantation of a shoulder prosthesis may become necessary. The timing is ultimately determined by the patient himself or herself. We accompany him or her before, during and after the operation and maintain close contact with the treating physiotherapists.

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