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Regardless of whether blood is discharged through the anus dependent on or independent of bowel movements, blood in bowel movements is not normal and should be clarified by a specialist in proctology or gastroenterology. The causes can be manifold. They range from harmless hemorrhoids to serious inflammations, ulcers and tumors.

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Examination and diagnosis

As a rule, the first step is a proctological examination, whereby the anus is first inspected in detail. Then the rectum is palpated with a finger. Finally, a small endoscope is inserted into the rectum using lubricant to examine it for sources of bleeding. If a colonoscopy has not yet been performed at this point, one would be planned and performed afterwards. If necessary, it may also be necessary to perform a gastroscopy at the same time.


The treatment of blood in the stool is as varied as the causes. Depending on the findings, hemorrhoids, fissures or anal vein thromboses must be treated, inflammations and ulcers must be treated with medication, or tumors must be surgically removed.

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