About this disease

What it concerns

Gait and balance disorder is not a disease in its own right, but a symptom of one or more disorders in the body. It can be accompanied by an increased risk of falling. A distinction is made between orthopedic, neurological, psychogenic and geriatric causes. Often, especially in old age, not a single cause is found, but many different ones. This is called a multifactorial gait disorder.

Symptoms and consequences

If gait and balance are impaired, more falls can occur with consequences such as bone fractures.

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

On the geriatric ward, an assessment is performed to identify the geriatric problem areas. In addition, a physical examination, a blood test and, if necessary, supplementary apparative examinations are carried out.


Treatment is based on the triggering illnesses or impairments. Especially in the case of a multifactorial disorder, the triggers are not always reversible. Measures such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy or the treatment of malnutrition, for example, can positively influence the situation.

Responsible departments

Acute Geriatrics


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