About this disease

What it is about

Multimorbidity and age correlate. The number of diseases increases significantly with age: thus, from the age of 65, most people already suffer from several chronic diseases. However, it is not only the number of diseases that is decisive, but also their consequences for everyday life.

Symptoms and consequences

As the number of diseases increases, the choice of promising therapeutic options becomes more complex. The resulting interactions become less manageable and the risk of adverse effects increases.

What we do for you

Examination and diagnosis

A comprehensive medical examination is performed. The diagnosis is derived from the patient's previous medical history.


We are guided by the necessary treatment of chronic diseases based on international guidelines, adapted to age and individual life situation. We not only treat with medication, but also incorporate various approaches to achieve an improvement in everyday life and to increase or maintain the quality of life. This can be, for example, an adjustment of the diet or physiotherapy to maintain or improve mobility.

Responsible departments

Acute Geriatrics


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