About this disease

What it concerns

Obesity occurs more frequently in industrialized countries. Good living conditions and a decline in physical activity combined with an abundance of food are the main causes for the development of obesity in these countries. Other causes, in addition to mental illness, hormonal disorders and a genetic predisposition, are the way food is produced and processed in the Western world.


The vernacular has very different names for the clinical picture, with "obesity" and "overweight" probably being the best known. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes obesity as one of the greatest health challenges of this century. According to the WHO, normal and overweight are defined using the body mass index (BMI), with obesity starting at a BMI of 30.

Symptoms and consequences

Obesity is a risk factor for many so-called diseases of civilization, such as cardiovascular diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus. Gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis and cancer are also frequently associated with obesity. Psychiatry also warns of the psychological consequences of the disease. For example, many of those affected feel excluded from society and withdraw. The financial and socioeconomic consequences of the disease are also serious.

How we can help you

Examination and diagnosis

Obesity is a chronic and complex disease. This applies both to the causes and to the various therapeutic options that can be considered. The situation in an individuals personal life, dietary habits, the presence of comorbidities and also their current weight situation are factors that influence the individual therapy strategy. Treatment of the disease therefore requires the expertise of various medical specialties.


The treatment of obesity is multi-modal and a distinction is made between surgical and conservative therapies. Conservative methods primarily include nutrition therapy and diet counseling as well as exercise therapy. At our obesity center, we offer all of these options and work with our own experts as well as with our associated partners. In many cases, stomach reduction surgery can also be a sensible measure.

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