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Medical clinic

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Mobile Palliative Care

Tel. +41 44 922 24 00

Mobile Palliative Care

More and more people want to be able to remain in their familiar surroundings during the last phase of their lives. Männedorf Hospital, together with Palliaviva and Spitex, makes this possible for all patients in the palliative care unit.

Our mobile medical palliative care team looks after patients at home and provides medical support. Palliaviva and Spitex provide nursing care.

Initial contact with the mobile team takes place - if possible - before discharge from the hospital. However, we are also happy to accept registrations from patients who have not been treated in our palliative care unit.


044 922 24 00

Terminally ill - what now?

« On May 24, 2022, we were able to demonstrate at an information event in Meilen how we, together with our cooperation partners, can improve the quality of life of people in the final phase of life. Watch the event in full length here. »

Dominik Schneider, MD, Chief Physician Medicine

Our team

The nursing and medical team has specialised training in palliative care. It is supported by the hospital's pastoral care, social counseling, volunteer service, nutrition counseling and physiotherapy. Close contact with the Oncology Center enables cancer patients to receive further support from the Oncology team. In addition, there is cooperation with radiotherapy and the medical and psychological staff of the Center for Mental Health. We also work together with occupational therapy, the Palliaviva palliative care service, the St. Gallen Bridge Service, the ZeTuP Rapperswil and the GZO Wetzikon.


Männedorf Hospital maintains a fund for the palliative care unit from donations. These funds benefit the palliative patients in full.

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