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Hormones have an important task in our body, because they control central processes such as metabolism or blood pressure. If hormone production is disturbed, this can therefore lead to various diseases - for example, diabetes mellitus, disorders of the sexual organs or obesity.

In our consultation, we look for the causes of your problems and choose the appropriate therapy together with you.

Die Endokrinologie-Praxis wird von Dr. med. Andrea Babians Brunner geleitet. Sie ist Fachärztin für Endokrinologie und Diabetologie und neben ihrer Tätigkeit in der Praxis auch Kaderärztin an der Klinik für Endokrinologie und Diabetologie am Universitätsspital Zürich. Zum Ärztinnenteam gehören auch Dr. med. Matylda Zimny sowie Dr. med. Laura Maria Horka und Dr. med. Maria Iris Romay Ogando. Sie sind alle ebenfalls erfahrene Ärztinnen für Endokrinologie und Diabetologie. Dr. med. Horka und Dr. med. Romay Ogando sind beide aus dem Team des Universitätsspitals Zürich. Betrieben wird die Praxis vom Spital Männedorf.

Diabetes counseling

The experienced diabetes consultants at Männedorf Hospital offer comprehensive consultation in our practice.

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Cooperation with Männedorf Hospital and Zurich University Hospital

Thanks to the close cooperation with Männedorf Hospital and Zurich University Hospital, we can provide you with treatment close to home according to the latest scientific findings. We regularly exchange information with the various specialists at the two hospitals and can discuss medical issues with them. Patients with more complex clinical pictures can be treated at the University Hospital Zurich if necessary or at their own request. Pre- and post-treatment takes place in our practice.


You usually register for a consultation through your primary care physician.



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