Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a painless and radiation-free method of creating images of the inside of the body. It uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to do so. MRI is used to diagnose a variety of conditions, from torn ligaments to tumors. The state-of-the-art MRI machines allow for accurate imaging of organs in the process.

How to reach us

MRI-Institut Meilen
Hüniweg 12a
8706 Meilen
Tel. +41 44 922 20 08
Fax +41 44 922 20 51

The MRI Institute is a three-minute walk from Meilen train station. Trains in the direction of Zurich and Rapperswil leave every half hour. You will find marked parking spaces in front of the main entrance as well as next to the MRI Institute.

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