Mobility and activity in old age

What was taken for granted in younger years becomes more arduous and complicated in old age. At the same time, being active and independent whilst on the move contributes a great deal to personal satisfaction. Better mobility can also sustainably strengthen a person's own resources.

The Health Promotion Department of the Canton of Zurich and Pro Senectute offer a good overview of commitments and offers for older people and their relatives.

Health Promotion Canton Zurich

Pro Senectute guide

Eating correctly is particularly important in this phase of life

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily unless otherwise recommended by your primary care physician.
  • Make sure you have an adequate protein intake.
  • Supplement your diet with a vitamin D supplement.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains as they contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
  • Eat in company if possible.

Check your eating habits on the website of the Swiss Society for Nutrition.

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Train yourself!

The physiotherapy department of Männedorf Hospital has modern facilities and specialized staff.

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