The hip connects our upper body with the legs. The two hip joints are ball and socket joints and allow movement in different directions. If the hip no longer functions smoothly, this can severely limit our well-being.

In case of diseases and complaints relating to the hip joint, an experienced team is at your disposal at Männedorf Hospital.

Common complaints

  • Congenital and/or acquired deformities
  • Strain injuries and sports injuries
  • Hip wear and tear (hip osteoarthritis)
  • Loosening or discomfort with recumbent hip joint prostheses, including replacement operations
  • Injuries and/or degenerative diseases of tendons and muscles around the hip

Diseases and conditions of the hip joint

  • Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of the joint cartilage. Wear is dependent on time, load, and risk factors. Risk factors include femuroacetabular impingement (see above) and load on the joint (body weight, sports).

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  • Age-related bone fracture (osteoporosis)

    Osteoporosis affects many older people, with women being affected twice as often. The disease leads to a decrease in bone mass and thus to an increased risk of bone fracture even in minor accidents. As the risk of falling increases with age, osteoporosis-related fractures are common. The most common of these fractures affect the wrist, spine and hip.

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  • Hip Impingement (Femuroacetabular Impingement )

    This is a pinching syndrome of the hip between the acetabulum and the neck of the femur. The causes can be varied. In certain cases, it is a preliminary form of osteoarthritis. Frequently, the joint lip is injured in this entrapment syndrome.

  • Bone necrosis (osteonecrosis)

    These are circulatory disorders of the bone. This can lead to the death of the femoral head. If the circulatory disorder is located in the stress area, pain which requires therapy occurs.

  • Snapping hip (coxa saltans)

    Coxa saltans is the jumping of the hip. The causes can be: tendon jumping over bone processes or the joint lip tear. Surgery is necessary only if the pain cannot be treated. A painless audible snap does not require treatment.

The hip joint - explained in 60 seconds

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